Tuesday, June 3, 2014

CoC campaign AAR Part IV

The Germans decide to counter attack and try and push the Americans back. For support the Germans take a Tiger tank and a Pz II. The Americans take a 57mm AT gun  (represented by a 37mm gun until I get my new model). The battle takes place on the same board as the last one...

American side of the board

German JOP's

The Germans make a break for the American JOP and get slaughtered after making some very poor movement rolls

The Germans bring on their armor to deal with the GI's

The American AT deploys

and only manages to damage the PzII before being routed.

The Germans move up with a new section and take out the American JOP

The American section manages to escape after their bazooka takes out the PzII and a new squad deploys to take on the Germans

The Tiger cannot dislodge the new American threat
The German squad is broken bringing the Americans a very close victory!

The Germans lost heavily with 7 KIA and 4 WIA and thus chose to give up ground so they could replenish their forces. The Americans lost 4 KIA and 2 WIA. 

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