Thursday, May 29, 2014

Counter-Counter Attack at Mortain Part III

To this point the Americans have been on a roll and the green German troops have been steadily falling back. The third battle in the campaign is an attack and defend scenario in the town of Bousentier. 

The Americans take a mortar barrage and an M4 Sherman for their support while the Germans take a Panther, a 5cm Mortar, and a Minefield. 

This is the board looking from the American side.

The GI's push scouts forward toward a German JOP.

A German section deploys...
And the surviving scout scurries back to cover
Another scout team looks to advance on the left

The Yanks deploy a section 
And push up into the town...the Americans advance their JOP on a CoC die

The Americans call in the mortar barrage, unfortunately it has little impact on the German defense..
And the Germans counter by bring on their Panther

A firefight opens up in the wood

The American bazooka team tries unsuccessfully to drive off the German Armor

The Germans commit their last reserves and begin to win the firefight in the woods

The Yank armor comes on board to try and save the day...

but is quickly dispatched by the superior German tank.

The Americans are now flanked and in a very bad position and Cpl Jackson is killed in Action

Lt. Morning decides that discretion is the better part of valor and the Americans withdraw from the field. 

The Americans lost 4 KIA, and 2 WIA as well as Cpl Jackson and the Sherman, and the Germans lost 2 KIA and 1 WIA. A very bad day for the Americans!

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