Tuesday, June 3, 2014

CoC Campaign Part V

Since the Germans gave ground the next scenario is the flank attack. Both sides are pretty shot up but the Germans have a wild card that allows them to place a bunker and MG42 on the board in addition to their regular support. For their support the Germans take minefields and barbed wire and a Infantry gun. For the American support their is a .30 cal MG and a M4 Sherman.

The board from the west

The board from the east

The German pillbox

A view of the German fortifications

The Americans deploy against the bunker and immediately begin to take losses

The Americans deploy their Sherman but do not support it with infantry...really dumb

The Germans spend a CoC die and take out the Sherman with a short range panzerschreck

The Germans deploy the Infantry gun

And a section of infantry

The American .30 cal comes online...

...and is highly effective
The German squad breaks

As does the infantry gun....

and the German morale

The Americans lose 3 KIA and 2 WIA and the Germans lose 5 KIA and 3 WIA. The stage is set for the final battle!

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