Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Counter-Counter Attack at Mortain Part II: A CoC/AtSE AAR

The second battle in Lt. Morning's campaign is the "probe" scenario from the CoC rule book. To win the American forces need only get a team to within 12" of the German board edge. The American forces took few casualties in the first battle, while the Germans are a bit shot up. 

The Americans start with a force morale of 10 and the green Germans have an 8. 

The Americans take a M4 Sherman in support and the Germans take a Hetzer and a 50mm mortar team. 

The Campaign map.

Map for the "probe" scenario

This is the board looking from the German side. The Germans did very poorly in the patrol phase and all of their JOP's are on the board edge.

This is looking from the American side and the Yanks are off to a great start.

Sgt. O'Malley pushes up with a scout team, trying to get a quick win. 

The Germans deploy a squad to counter. The Americans need only get to the corner of the house with the two windows for a win.

The Germans roll two phases in a row and bring the Hetzer onto the board.

The German armor tries to catch an American squad sneaking around the houses looking to take the Germans in the flank.

The Germans make the house and yard putting the machine gun team (on the second floor of the house in the top right) on overwatch.

The GIs hunker down out of sight of the deadly MG42.

The Americans bring on the Sherman

The Hetzer moves to counter the American armor, while the German panzerschreck sneaks around to get a flank shot on the Sherman.

Shots are traded to no effect on either side. 

A GI bazooka team attempts to take out the Hetzer, but consistantly misses until they exhaust their ammo.

The American squad finally manages to take out the first German squad with a few well placed grenades and a short but fierce close combat that wipes the first German squad out to a man. The Germans try to counter attack...

...but it goes badly, the Germans lose most of another squad and a JOP, things are looking grim.

The Sherman tries to maneuver around to a better firing position, but the Hetzer counters.

The German 'schreck is now in position...

Scratch one Sherman!

Good shot Fritz!

But it is too little too late and the Americans advance to a winning position.

The board at game end.

The Germans really got shot up badly in this one, They lost 7 KIA and 4 WIA while the Americans did not have a single serious injury (except the Sherman). Lt. Morning's approval with his CO and Men both improve by 2! 

The Sherman is Armourfast/ HaT and the Hetzer is from Best Paper Models. The houses are paper from Battlelands 15 "Normandy:1944 Collection"

Will the Germans stiffen their defense or will the Yanks roll to victory again? Stay tuned for the next battle!

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