Thursday, May 21, 2015

This is Not a Test: Pest Control Part II

My name is Hugh Jass and I am a businessman...I run the most profitable construction company in the Tri-State Wasteland. and jus' so you know, that ain't no mean feat! Specially considering that me an my whole crew are muties. 

It's hard out here for a mutant. 

Now, I didn't ask to be a mutant, but I sure as hell ain't gonna wallow in self-pity jus' cause I am one. I don't like to blow my own horns...but who else would have seen the potential for profit in being a mutant? Really, I am a genius... cause rebuilding out here is not like it was in the olden days. You got to deal with rad sickness, rad zombies, rad roaches, and all manner of nasty critters. Then you got the raiders who are out to rob you blind and the tribals who are protectin' their "sacred ruins." Hell, the peacekeepers shoot first and ask questions later if you are not in a "safe" zone. So I asked myself, "who better to rebuild out here than us?" I mean, radiation? No problem! And we can damn sure take care of ourselves in a fight! Then when the time comes nobody can weild a hammer or four like a mutie! 

It has taken 10 long years but I am on top of the heap...everybody calls the Hugh Jass Construction Company, mutant and norm alike. 

And now? Here we are, in the middle of BFE, and some pissant raider band, too stupid to know who they are dealing with, thinks they are going to take my hard earned Barter Script...well they are damn sure in for a wake up call today! Nobody fraks with Hugh Jass!

The board setup and scenario where outlined in part I, I summarized and reviewed the rules in the last entry, so...the following is how the game itself played out.

Assault rifle wielding mutant, Seymour Butts, takes cover behind a building as the rad zombies start pouring out of the ruins

Mongo (a big, dumb melee mutant) Mike Rotch charges straight into the zombie horde

Spanky XXVIII and his grenadier, Stymie,  advance towards a rad zombie nest while..

...His second in command, Alf Alfa Omega, holds the left against a zombie wave

Alf Alfa gets some backup from Butch

Mike Rotch fells two zombies but is quickly surrounded by more

Alf Alfa lays the zombies low but has his gun jam in the process, and more zombies are on the way!

The Mutant right is in trouble as both Ben Dover and Seymour Butts' weapons jam and the zombies just keep coming

Spanky has out distanced his troops in his enthusiasm to close with the enemy

While Alf Alfa has his hands full on the left

Seymour goes down, leaving the mutant right wide open

Ben Dover is quickly overwhelmed

Mike lays the zombies low and heads for Spanky

even more zombie hordes attack Alf Afla so Dorothy moves up in support

Ben Dover goes down while Al Coholic's sniper rifle is out of ammo. Hopefully Oliver Klousoff and his minigun can hold back the horde!

Hugh Jass sneaks around the corner and mows down Spanky in a hail of bullets!

While Spanky is bleeding out, Alf Alfa is fighting for his life!

As more zombies come down the street

Spanky's backup show up too late!

Oliver Klousoff falls to the zombies, things look bleak for the mutants

Mike Crotch is wounded but still on a rampage

Hugh comes to try and save Al...

Al is down but not out!

Mike takes out the zombie nest as Buckwheat charges him

Butch is taken down at the last minute...time reached, game over

A combination of zombie kills, the destruction of the nest, and taking out Spanky gives the mutants a costly win...

Stay tuned for my thoughts on how the game played out and an explanation of the post-game and campaign phase in Part III of the AAR

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