Monday, May 11, 2015

This is Not a Test: Pest Control - A Paper-pocalypse AAR

Spanky XXVIII surveyed the ground in front of him, 
"This here be good huntin" he said to his second in command, Alf Alfa Omega. 
"Aye, that it is Boss...we are sure to bag a dozen shinies here, I dunna think none but ourselves have found this hidey-hole." 
Spanky looked over at Darla, his most merciless soldier, "Cock that there crossbow girly,  workin' time is nigh!" 
Darla flashed an evil grin and spit out "Wut ta be waitin' fer then, let's at em." 
But Spanky had been around long enough not to get careless, rad zombies could be dangerous if you took them lightly and as much as this ruined town glowed there were bound to be irradiators in the ruins. 
"Hold yer bullets girly, I be waitin' on Stymie to give us the low-low... idn't tha' tru Uh-huh?" Spanky said looking at his top blade man, 
"uh-huh" Uh-huh replied using the only two words he ever said.
 It was then that Stymie came from out of the ruins, 
"Didja be eyeballin dem shinies didja?" said Spanky loud and cocky for his raiders to hear. Despite his cocksure attitude the old chieften could tell by the look on Stymie's face that there was trouble, 
"Aye boss, plenty of shinies but something else too..." and then the last thing Stymie's said sent chills through the raider company as they checked their weapons for battle, 
"yea, plenty o' shinies outta there boss... but there be others a'well. On that there farside of the ruins there be.. MUTIES!"

This is Not a Test  is a new set of rules for post-apocalyptic skirmish combat from Worlds End Publishing. I have only played a game or two but I am diggin' the vibe so far. I will give a gameplay review in part II of this AAR but the short of it is TiNaT is a fun game with lotsa flavor, solid mechanics, and a nifty campaign system built right in, I look forward to many more games.

For this AAR I am using almost all paper miniatures and terrain, (that which is not paper I think is readily apparent). Some of the companies represented are Mayhem in Paper for the miniatures, Dave Graffam Models and Finger and Toe Models for the buildings, junk cars and debris. The toxic pool is scratch built except for the barrels. The trees are World Works.

This is the setup for the first scenario in the rule book - Pest Control. The object is to take out as many Rad Zombies as possible while fighting off or eliminating the opposing warband - which in this case is Raiders vs. Mutants. There are 4 zombie "nests" each with 4 zombies and the chance to spawn more zombies after the 2nd turn.

Here is a view of the whole 4X4 table looking towards the raider side

The raider warband "Our Gang.". Spanky is the fellow with the large sword in the middle of the formation.

This is the mutant warband "the Hugh Jass Construction Company" - We will meet them in the next AAR

The first Rad Zombie nest - nasty fellows them!

The 2nd and 3rd nests...each nest must be at least 8" from the table edge

And the final nest - I didn't get all of my zombies edged out, so they still show white borders.

Spanky XXVIII knew that this "milk run" just got much harder, damn did he hate muties! 
Well, he thought, "I didn't murder my way to tha head o' this motley band to show my arse end to no group of muties!" 
Spanky turned to his raider band and hollered in his best hard arse growl,
"Arright, ear holes open youse pikers and bloody hands, those muties be inna our roadways so if youse wanna a hand o barter script for whorin' an a guzzle you best begin a scrappin'! What say youse? Charge an letta ol' Scratch ave his pound!"

To be continued...


  1. Don't leave us hanging! Great write up. I love the use of paper miniatures and terrain. Heck I own most of it. :) I will repost this to the This Is Not a Test Facebook page.


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