Thursday, January 30, 2014

Song of Clan Bitterspear (a Song of Blades and Heroes AAR)

Winter had been cruel to Clan Bitterspear...Gru'Ulan the warchief of the clan had seen his group shrink to just a couple of dozen warriors, women, and children. Of his five orc warriors only two knew the joy of bloodletting. Fortunately, Cruk and Druk Bloodtusk were as tough as any warriors Gru'Ulan had seen. Besides his orcs he had the half-starved ogre warrior Ugroth, who was as dumb as he was vicious. The Chief's last (and least) "warrior" was his goblin slave, Wart Lickspittle, whose only contribution was his ability to disappear in battle until he could plunge his dagger into a hopefully defenseless enemy. All in all, it was a pitiful warband, but it would have to do if Clan Bitterspear were to survive another year. All of this ran through Gru'Ulan's head as he pointed to the hill peoples' farm and growled to his motley crew, "Blood and loot over yon hill, attack you dirty bastards, ATTACK!"

Clan Bitterspear arrayed for battle
The Hill People are ready (except the guy on the end...)
The table from the orcs' end
The Hill People move to the gap in the hedge
Ugroth the Ogre uses his long move to make an end around, much to the misfortune of the hunters who were hoping to snipe the orcs from the flank
Wart sneaks around the other flank

A human hunter suffers a gruesome kill, sending his partner scurrying for the rear
The Bloodtusk brothers follow Ugroth looking to take the humans in the flank
The barbarian Hill People can't take it any longer and charge uphill towards the orc warriors, hoping to take the hill before the more experienced orc forces can come to bear
Unfortunately they make it up the hill piecemeal
down goes one barbarian to Gru'Ulan
And another is slain...
and another...
Ugroth gets knocked down (but he gets up again)
The barbarians finally take out an orc warrior
But the casualties are too great and all but two of the Hill People run to the,
Only one left...
and he is ruthlessly hunted down

Gru'Ulan looked over the bloody field and smiled...only two casualties and they will return soon enough. Eighty-one hard won pieces of gold...It was a good start!

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