Saturday, January 25, 2014

Chain of Command AAR

I played a solo game of Too Fat Lardies Chain of Command. I am in the process of buying and painting 1/72 plastics for CoC, but until I have completed that I am using paper mini's from Junior General to play. This game was an attack and defend scenario pitting a regular American platoon against a regular German one. The Americans rolled an 8 for support and took a Sherman and a pregame barrage. The Germans took a sniper and a panzerschreck team (because I am playing solo and knew the USA had armor!). All of the buildings are Dave Graffam and much of the terrain is scratch built (scouring pad hedges etc.) The Sherman is built up from foam core and art work from Junior General. The comments refer to the picture above them...

I decided that the two story house on the German board edge was the American objective. The patrol phase saw the Americans getting the upper hand and hemming the Germans in around the objective.

Here are the German jump of points.
The American jump off points
The GI's deploy first on the German flank
The Germans counter... moving into the bocage
The Americans then send in the hammer to the anvil. 
The Germans' sniper takes his place on the objective rooftop
The Germans try and drive off the American flanking force by deploying their 2nd squad
So the Americans bring in the heavy metal!
The German squad in the bocage breaks and runs
The Americans follow up looking to trap the 2nd squad
The Germans spring an ambush...with little effect
The game ends with a close assault that sends the Germans packing.

The game ended with the Germans morale falling below zero. I should have been more patient with the German forces and let the Americans get closer to the objective before deploying. It didn't help that the German senior leader was killed the phase after he deployed to the table! CoC gives a very satisfying solo game and I will be trying another scenario very soon.

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  1. I was amazed at how good the game looked; and it sounds like you had loads of fun as well!