Monday, January 18, 2016

Chickamauga Day 2 AAR

The first day playtest of my Chickamauga scenario went well with the 
day 2 forces in similar positions to where they were historically. 

The action picks up around 7:00 a.m. Day 2 will last 6 turns

Union Right Flank Morning of Day 2

Union Center Morning of Day 2

Wilder's Brigade pours flanking fire into Preston's Division

Davis' Division gives way to Cleburne...The Union Army is split!

Johnson (USA) wavers

Late Morning 

The Union right counterattacks...Preston gives way

Wood and Sheridan push back in the center

The Union left hangs in the balance

XIV Corps in danger of being cut off

Sheridan advances

Cleburne stalls at the foot of Snodgrass hill

Johnson's (USA) Division is thrown back spent

The Rebel left bends but doesn't break

Brannan is isolated...things look grim

Gist stays put...Brannan pulls back

A bloody stalemate on the Union right

Cleburne is thrown back...

Granger tries to clear Lafayette Road but is stopped cold

Both sides are worn out and spent

Cleburne makes one more attempt at breaking through

Brannan and Palmer are spent

Evening, view from the Rebel right

Evening, view from the Rebel left

Sheridan pushes the Rebel center back to their original positions

Night Falls...

Casualties were 21,000 infantry and 48 artillery for the Union and 22,000 infantry, 2,000 cavalry, and 24 artillery for the CSA. Victory points came up to 4 per side ending the scenario in a bloody draw. 

I enjoyed the game and the rules lived up to their name. I think I might add some further victory conditions including victory points for spent units. I will also probably add a special rule suggested by one of the yahoo group members for constructing breastworks over night. 

Thanks for reading...see you next time!

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